Game Plan


The intent of this campaign setting is to invoke something reminiscent of a western oper world CRPG and an Epic Fantasy novel. The Vale is intended to provide numerous quests available to your party in any friendly area you go to. As you level up, new quests open up and lower level quests are no longer available ("grayed out").

The intent is for your party to level up as far as you'd like them to, eventually retiring and setting up a Delver's Guild for a new party to join, opening up the lower level quests you missed on your first playthrough. 


I want a game that has the feel of an Epic Fantasy novel or movie. While we are all friends and will inevitably go off topic, I would like the actual in game dialog and actions to be of a more serious tone. I don't mean everything has to be dark or monotone, levity and moments of humor can (and are) present in more epic works. I just want players to focus more on doing and saying what the actual character would do in that moment, in that world. It is a chance for you to try to role-play a little more deeply than previous games.

For newer players, that means straying away from the more over-the-top "zany" characters and for more veteran players, keeping away from the more "meta" talk and actions. I will try my best to keep people focused on the game, but self policing is helpful too.

A final request, could we please not look at our cell phones while the game is going on (save for important calls obviously)? I spend several hours outside the game setting things up for you guys to help make the game fun and I occasionally get dismayed to look up and see you on your phone, not paying attention, as I describe an area or RP an NPC.

House Rules

Game Plan

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