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The Vale Needs Heroes!


Over 500 years ago, the Empire of Nerath was born out of the ashes of the devastating wars between Bael Turath and Arkhosia. An expansive empire of humans, they claimed most of the known world as their own.

300 years ago, their furthest reach to the north was the Nentir Vale.  Nobility's Second Sons and rich Merchants were promised noble status to settle there and many were quick to answer the call. Forging alliances with native Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling populations, the Empire's settlers quickly set out to establish manors, keeps, and towns. With the help of the famed Nerathi Legions, they forced the more violent races and creatures to the edges of the Vale and began to carve out a home.

200 years ago, while the Vale continued to form into a settled land, the Empire of Nerath began to falter. Antagonists from both within and without were seeking to bring down this mighty collective. The Emperor recalled his Legions to the capital, leaving the fringe territories (including the Vale) without proper protection. The beings that were once pushed to the dark edges of the map began to push inwards. The Vale tried valiantly to protect itself, but travel became more dangerous, people stayed within their home towns and were sure to return to home by nightfall. Some nobles fled back south, taking their retainers with them, others did their best to get support from their fading Empire, but to no avail.

90 years ago, the Vale realizes the Empire is truly no more, when a large clan of Orcs comes down from the mountains to attack the Vale, starting the Bloodspear War. All calls for aid are met with silence as each region only looks to protect themselves, forming insular Points of Light in a dark, dangerous war. Though the casualties were high and no place in the Vale left untouched by the rampaging orcs, the people of the Vale managed to beat them back. The remaining orcs fled back to the mountains and the survivors began to rebuild.

Now, the Vale is still a dangerous place to live. Ruins are inhabited by all manner of dark things, towns are left to mostly protect themselves, while still trying to maintain trade to survive. The last great heroes of the Vale were killed or moved out of the Vale decades ago.

A new group of heroes have risen. They call themselves Delvers, men and women willing to enter the dark and abandoned places in the Vale. Whether it is to root out the evil and protect the innocent, discover magical and historical secrets of the past, or simply to gather treasure and make a name for themselves; Delvers risk their lives and enter places a sane person wouldn't dare.

You are the first group of Delvers in the Vale in over a decade and the lands are ripe with opportunity. Do you have the skill, savy, and luck to survive the ? Or will you simply be another casualty of the growing evil?

Your story begins within.

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